We Won the Grill'd Grant!

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

Carmen holding our certificate from Grill'd at Macquarie Centre!

Those of you who follow our Facebook page have more than likely seen our posts about our organisation being lucky enough to have been chosen for the Macquarie Centre's Grill'd Local Matters community donation program.

The Local Matters program donates $500 a month, divided between three local community groups which have a jar in front of their locations. The jars are filled with tokens patrons receive when they order at Grill'd and the jar which gets filled with the most tokens in the month receives $300 with the other two community groups receiving $100 each.

We were thrilled to be told that our jar had been filled the most times and were invited to receive our congratulatory certificate over a free lunch! So we rounded up some members of Team Kindness and headed over.

Thank you to everyone who grabbed a bite for GG! Not only was our jar filled but so were our hearts. This example of kindness shows that so many people read our little blurb and believed in us, and what we set out to achieve.

The $300 we received paid the rent of our storage for two weeks which enabled us to help so many people!

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