Thank You, Uber!

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

What a beautiful act of kindness we recently received from Uber!

Uber initially contacted us here at The Generous and The Grateful as they were moving their Sydney office and wanted to donate their unneeded furniture. Once they heard about the work we do, the general manager surprised us with a monetary donation afterwards!

Their donation is made up of any cash found in an Uber vehicle that is then handed in and held for 12-24 months as per policy then after that time, if the money has not been collected, Uber collates it and donates the money to a charity of their choice — and they chose us!

How lovely that they sought out a way to donate their furniture to prevent it ending up in a landfill and help those in need THEN hearing our cause and choosing us as their charity to give their found money to.

Thank you, Uber!!

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