Recognising Kindness! - Rainbow Jane Grant

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

We are beyond excited to be able to share that Generous and Grateful have been chosen to be a recipient of the Rainbow Jane grant!

This fantastic organisation is all about giving back, and their inspirational book Inspired Kindness tells stories of people changing our world with the aim of inspiring others to do so as well. Through the sale of their books, the money raised allows Rainbow Jane to award $10,000 grants that are then distributed among start-up charities and projects within established charities to help get their new idea off the ground.

Our fearless founder Carmen was asked to pitch The Generous and The Grateful in front of a panel of 6 in March, and we have recently found out that they chose us as one of the recipients for their grants!! They believed in our cause, and because of that, this grant has enabled us to help so many more people. We love being able to do what we do!

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