Koala's generous donation

Koala, our long time partners in kindness, are donating $100,000 worth of beautiful new mattresses and bed bases of our choice to The Generous and The Grateful.

This will make an immediate, genuine difference in the lives of our recipients as they recover and rebuild their lives.

From our CEO, Carmen Lee Platt :

“For someone escaping domestic violence or at high risk of homelessness, the comforts of home mean more than we might initially think.

Koala’s $100,000 donation is a game-changer, helping us match the needs of our recipients, delivering the dignity and the safety of a bed, a boost to self worth and lessening the chance of their return to crisis.

When you truly want to help someone, the key is to first find out what is needed, and then rise to meet it. Koala has a respectful, understanding approach to social responsibility, as

seen in gifting us the flexibility to order what is needed for our clients.”

Thank you Koala for your incredible ongoing generosity, magnified with this inspiring donation at an important time, and for walking this path with us to collectively support so many in need of kindness.