Where do we pick-up and deliver?

We only pick-up when really needed and only from our designated zones, until we have another truck, more funding and enough volunteers. However, you can have items brought to us - we can recommend a reliable airtasker!


(City of Sydney and Balmain we recommend Pyrmont Cares)

Be sure to have your lovely donation ready - clean, disassembled, all parts present, please let us know if need help from our driver to navigate:

stairs and if so, how many flights

  • narrow landings

  • long or steep driveways

  • garden paths to go down

  • any other potential hazards.


We have the right of refusal if we deem access is too risky to collect/deliver items.

What items do we accept?

ONLY clean, fully functioning, stain free things with all parts present. Remember 'better than nothing' is NOT good enough, we are here to uplift people’s lives!


Our items list is separated into 3 categories:



We will always take in these donations even when we are on hold. These items are:

  • Washing Machines

  • Fridges

  • Bed Frames

  • Spotless Mattresses

  • TVs



These donations will be requested when we have a demand for them; follow our Facebook Page to stay up to date on requests. They are normally:

  • Sofas/Lounges

  • Dining Tables – for 2 - 4 people is ideal. No glass tops

  • Microwaves

  • Sets of Drawers

  • Coffee tables & low TV units

  • Small wardrobes (not too heavy or wide)



While they would be a lovely addition to a new home, we are focusing on just the essential furniture items. We do not take:

  • Mirrors

  • Clothes

  • Baby-related items – they go to our amazing sisters at Mummies Paying it Forward!!

  • Glass top dining tables

  • Dryers (think of the power bills!)

  • Linen

  • Decorative items


We only receive good quality second hand furniture and we have the right of refusal on arrival if goods are not in great condition as previously stated and agreed.

What condition do the items need to be in?

We exist to raise our friends up from their challenging past and only accept things you would be proud to share with a relative, neighbour or friend.


Clean, damage free and in full working order. No exceptions.


We're really not interested in 'better than nothing' its demeaning, we are here to uplift.


Please note that we have the right of refusal at pick up if we do not think the donation is up to scratch.

Who do we help?

We are really focused on people at high risk of becoming homeless. Currently we help those who are seeking asylum, fleeing domestic and family violence, recovering from homelessness and youth at risk.


These are all people trying to get their life on track after extreme hardship. What chance do you have of recovery if you cant sleep tight, eat right, scrub up well for work or school and keep your family safe?


Imagine the feeling of receiving beautiful essential items all shared by kind hearted people who give a darn about what you've been through, and believe you can achieve whatever it is you're working towards! Now that's an Australia we would be proud to be part of!!

What is the donation process?

Fill out the online form and you'll get an auto reply. One of our gorgeous ops coordinator volunteers will reply to you when they are on shift, within 3 working days to work through the details.


We strongly encourage our donors to deliver the item to one of our storage centres as we are a small group of volunteers. If this is not possible we ask our donors to either arrange delivery themselves (most preferable) or donate the cost we incur to pick it up. This cost depends on the number and sizes of items as it determines vehicle size and number of muscly people needed!


After donating you will experience a warm, gooey feeling, perhaps fuzzy as you imagine the item you no longer need making a new life and the smiles it will get when it arrives!


Honestly, we had kids squealing recently when they had their own beds delivered. Yes squealing. It’s simple stuff isn’t it?

What is the recipient process?

Once you have submitted the form, one of our lovely volunteers will email you to arrange details. If your client is sleeping on the bare floor or has no fridge at all, please make it clear so we can zoom them up the queue and get them warm and safe.


Wherever possible, please arrange for your agency to transport items, book a contractor, or contribute to expenses incurred in the delivery. We are a new organisation run by a fabulous yet small group trying to make the world that little bit better for your clients at a crucial time.

How much of my donation is used for administration?

Our overheads are currently only insurance, vehicle/driver hire, software subscriptions for CRM, website, stock management. Yep that's seriously it. Of every $100 donation we estimate $2.40 goes to overheads.


As at Dec 2018, with $10,000 we can provide essential furniture and whitegoods to approximately 57 homes. Not bad, not bad at all.

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We pay our respects to Elders past, present and future; in particular, those visiting this website.

Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.

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