'But we've got to do something..."
Covid-19: how to help the most  vulnerable in your community

While many take shelter at home in this challenging time, for some the isolation itself may pose a greater danger. One true legacy of Covid-19 will be how we choose to rebuild and support those most affected by its social and economic impacts.

Annabelle Daniel, CEO of GG partner Women’s Community Shelters shared that here has been
a 30 per cent increase in calls to her services already in a single week. 


Google reports there’s been a 75% increase in searching for DV help in Australia alone.


The financial and health pressures generated by Covid-19, combined with social isolation of lockdown have created a perfect storm for incidents of domestic violence to escalate rapidly.



"What can any of us do!?!?" we hear you ask in exasperation. Here's a few ways you can help:

Beyond our GG work of delivering beds and fridges+ urgently so mamas and their kids can sleep well and eat well, we found these 7 ideas for great ways to use your heart and mind to make a practical, immediate difference:


-         Reach out to your neighbours, colleagues and loved ones to see how they’re faring.

-         Dig out a long-forgotten mobile phone from the bottom of the kitchen drawer.
Donate some much-needed items to your local women's network

-         Help put food on the table of any family doing it tough

-         Know the signs of abuse and control, and what to say when you do
Connect personal and business contacts who might be a source to boost supplies for GG
Advocate for funding and support for frontline agencies 


Together we will come through this crisis. Let’s not leave anyone behind.


To donate your used mobile phone, tablet or laptop: www.thereconnectproject.com.au

To donate to a shelter: www.womenscommunityshelters.org.au/

To learn more about how you can speak up, sign up, and support DV survivors: www.dvnsw.org.au/

To read up on what to look for and what to say, seek info from other reputable sites like this too

Donate to buy a food hamper: https://www.foodbank.org.au/

Help us ensure provide beds and whitegoods to those who need them most

100% of donations go towards costs incurred  connecting your kindness to those in need along the east coast.

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