Corporate donation

Donations at Scale: enable us to assist hundreds more families and individuals at risk of homelessness/harm even faster.


Is your business going through a routine or large scale refurbishment? 

Do you have excess stock or retail returns to share rather than dispose of? 


Please provide the details of your goods and timeline so we can coordinate and connect your kindness to brighten futures quickly and easily .


Thank you for channelling your surplus through GG for the good of people and the planet! 

My company has a lot of items to offer, how do we start?

Amazing, we'd love to hear from you! If you have great quality furniture or white goods to share let's discuss details and opportunities. Please email us and include any project plans / stocklist / photos you have at hand and we will be in touch ASAP.

Can we donate our excess stock and returns?

We'd love to channel your excess to complete homes for vulnerable people. Please email us, include any ideas you have with respect to timing, quantity, categories, and we will follow up to figure out the next steps.

How does it work?

We work within the capacity of each project, and ensure we fit your needs. But generally once we agree on items we can accept, and time frames and ways to get goods to us, the joy of collaboration for good takes off. 

Is there a fee associated to corporate goods donations

We are so grateful for the donation of goods, and to help us get the items back out of our warehouse to clients in need, we ask corporates to make a donation towards all it takes to get it into the homes for vulnerable people. Your donation is tax deductible and may help your ESG reporting. The UN SDG goals we contribute to are 1,11,12,17.

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