Need help getting the goods to Macq Park? Never fear, 'Caretasker' is here!

Lets make it simple to share your kindness

How do I use Airtasker's discounted Bushfire Recovery pick-up you ask? EASY

Go to 

And click I want to find help 


If you’re new to airtasker, you’ll just need an email address and a password to join


Use our suggested text to make it easy:

Title: Deliver my(Fridge/other)to Bushfire drop off

Details: list approved donation items

Pick up location: your address

Please pickup my XXX from YYY so it can be transported by GG to someone who lost their home in the bushfires. 

I have these special unit considerations: eg. 3 flights of stairs, security door access, parking access

Drop off location

It must be received at 36 Waterloo Rd Macquarie Park on a Monday morning 9.30-12.30 or Thursday afternoon 1-4pm. 

Look forward to offers Thanks



Then just enter your total budget : We recommend a guide of about $30 for up to 5kms from Waterloo Road Macquarie Park, $30-50 for 5-10km and $60-80 for 10-15km. Further than that may not make sense depending on the size of the donation so let us know. Be sure to cover their fuel, tolls and maybe a cold drink on the way after they masterfully move and load your big heavy item/s.


Select 'In person', enter your suburb, and when you need it done by. 2-3 days advance notice is best and remember the warehouse is open for approved donations Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons.


Then just wait for the offers of help to come in, 

You will receive email notification when a lovely kind Airtasker wants to help get your kindness to where it is needed, and on its way to its new home. Accept the offer and it is all systems go.



Once you accept an offer on a task, the agreed upon amount is held secure with Airtasker Pay until the task is complete. Once complete, you simply need to release the payment so Airtasker will transfer the payment to the Tasker’s verified bank account once you are happy it all went well.

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